It’s okay to cry – cry as much as you need.

Nobody has the answers. (Not even the professionals). You can search but you won’t find them.

Some days the sun shines brighter than others.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk about how you feel. Tell the world. Tell your neighbour, tell the postman! It is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. You are human. Talking about our depression does not suddenly make it worse.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This dark pit you have fallen into is not an empty one. The others roam in silence and you cannot see them because of the dark but they are there and you were never alone to begin with. Even though you always end up feeling more alone than ever.

You are not going crazy.

The dark thoughts do not belong to the person fighting them.

You have nothing to feel guilty for.

Don’t spend too much time reading articles online otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.

Healing take times. We are still healing

Focus on you and only you – you control your mind and your thoughts

One minute I’m up and the next minute I am crying on the floor. This happens.

The things you try won’t always work for you – don’t be so disheartened.

Don’t give up.

I hope this can help whoever reading this. You are not alone and you are loved. x

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