10 things depression effects:

  1. Socialising with others – even the thought of being anywhere and doing anything is terrifying.
  2. Appetite – depression makes you lose interest in food and a complete loss of appetite or others tend to overeat  
  3. Sleep – insomnia soon becomes your best friend, you lay in bed together thinking of the worst scenarios – others, will sleep too much. Sleep becomes the sweetest escape you ever knew.
  4. Weight – a loss of appetite makes you lose weight (in my case I lost a lot of weight) others put weight on.
  5. Energy and motivation to do things as they become such a physical challenge – small tasks become impossible. Everything is painful and draining. Every little thing.
  6. Thoughts and your way of thinking – it leads to a negative thinking pattern
  7. Self-hate and feeling guilty all the time
  8. Feeling life is pointless and life has lost its joy and excitement  
  9. Panicking all the time and fearing the worst – CATASTROPHISING
  10. The future – or the lack of being able to imagine it. Depression makes us lose the dreams we once had planned because the future does not exist in your mind anymore.

Please add below any others, these are personal to me, everyone experiences depression differently and have different side effects.

Love to you all,

Zo x

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