A list of little things that make me happy and smile…

  1. Flowers
  2. Nature
  3. Receiving lovely compliments from strangers
  4. Long baths
  5. Painting my nails
  6. Doing my hair
  7. Sunshine
  8. Long sleeps and naps
  9. My pets
  10. ALL Animals
  11. Being creative and making things
  12. Shopping online
  13. Finding random and quirky objects in antique shops
  14. Exploring new places
  15. Cooking something new
  16. Discovering something new
  17. Holidays away
  18. The seaside  
  19. Writing
  20. Listening to the rain
  21. Camping outside
  22. Decorating and interior design
  23. Gardening
  24. Plants
  25. Art

What makes you smile?

Love to you all,

Zo x

5 Responses to “25 things that make me happy”

  1. Nineinchnail

    Would you not mind a total stranger coming up to you in the street saying you’re beautiful?
    Just an example

    Keep up the great work

  2. Nineinchnail

    1. My Children
    2. Art
    3. Drawing
    4. My parents
    5. Certain songs
    6. Cake
    7. Finding a bargain in a charity shop
    8. Car boot sales
    9. Lightening
    10. The smell of the rain
    11. Northern lights
    12. The sea
    13. Patchouli oil

  3. Nineinchnail

    I like being nice to people for no reason but some people don’t appreciate it I always hold a door open for someone sometimes you get a thanks sometimes you get nothing but I won’t stop doing it

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