Calming your anxiety with herbs.

Anxiety disorder share a common feature: an uncontrollable and, in many cases unexplainable, fear or dread. In most cases, people with one type of anxiety disorder have another; anxiety disorders frequently accompany depression, as well. While serious anxiety disorders demand attention from a doctor (and may require the use of prescription medication and or therapy), many milder or episodic types of anxiety respond well to herbal remedies.

Now these are just to aid mild symptoms of anxiety (please remember to seek help and support if you are struggling and feel like it is becoming too much).

  1. Hops: This is a traditional treatment that helps relieve depression, as well. Hops also acts as a mild sedative.
  2. Kava: Kava is the go-to herbal for anxiety, and has centuries of use (and research) behind it. The latest studies confirm its ability to relieve the symptoms of anxiety as well as the most frequently prescribed pharmaceuticals.
  3. Passionflower: Research has shown that passionflower relieves anxiety symptoms as well as drugs, without the side effects. Other research shows it can relieve anxiety without the unnecessary sedation.
  4. Valerian: valerian is a gentle sedative and mood stabilizer. Research show that combing it with Saint John’s Wort or Kava can relieve agitating and anxiety.
  5. Lavender: lavender is very popular and has many uses. It has calming effects and eases anxiety.

Have you tried and of these before?

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