How to support young people’s Mental Health

Recent studies show that a growing number of young people are seeking help for their mental health. It is vital that we recognise and break the stigma attached to mental health for them and normalise these conversations.

Below are a few ways you can support young people’s mental health:

  1. Encourage them to open up to someone they feel comfortable and safe with.
  2. Talk to them, tell them about how you feel, make it normal to discuss feelings and emotions. Be that role model for them.
  3. Remind them to keep talking.
  4. Remind them it is okay to feel emotions that re overwhelming and scary.
  5. Tell them it is normal and they are not alone in experiencing any sort of mental health problem.
  6. Remind them that mental health problems do not change who you are, they make you stronger and build your character.  
  7. Encourage them to write if the cant talk about it – there are other outlets they can explore to express their feelings through.
  8. Discuss kindness and how important is it – the world always need more of it!

Lastly, remember to seek support from a professional mental health practitioner if you are really concerned about your own mental health or a loved one. Seeking support is a brave thing to do and is the first step.

Remember there are a number of helpful platforms and charities like ‘Youngmindsuk’ that help support children’s mental health.

I hope these are helpful.

Love and light

Zo x

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