Do you suffer from health anxiety and are constantly thinking the worst?  Below are a few little tips to help you

I definitely think googling symptoms is the worst thing we can do. It’s best to speak to a professional rather than building on your anxiety by reading horror stories on the internet (I am guilty of this myself).

  1. Never google anything, often people on the internet will post and share the worst case scenarios and if your mind is in a delicate place, it will believe everything it reads. The worst thing we can do is google our symptoms. It’s so easy to do but can be so harmful to our mental health.
  2.   Try not to panic, to ease your mind, speak to a professional or make an appointment with your GP right away (or at least if the symptoms have persisted for a few days/weeks depending on what it is).
  3. Do not ask others for their thoughts and opinions. People experience things differently and it is all so individual.
  4. Calm your racing and irrational thoughts by practicing mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques (there are plenty available online on YouTube or apps you can use for this e.g Headspace or Calm).  
  5. Find you happy place or retreat that helps you to feel calmer and more at ease. This could be in nature, in your room or by the sea. Wherever makes you feel happier and more relaxed.

I hope these are helpful.

Let me know your thoughts below. Have you experienced health anxity?

Love to you all.

Zo x

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