You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head, be kind to yourself… kindness always

Nourish your body, brain and soul…

Being kind to yourself. What does this really mean? I hear it from everyone. Friends, family, therapists and everyone else in between. So why am I hearing this now more than ever before?

I think being kind to yourself means to have patience. To remain calm even when your world is crumbling before your eyes. To take deep breathes even when your lungs seem to have given up. To look for the sun even if the clouds are blocking your view. To keep moving forwards even if your road has human-sized potholes that you keep falling into. To pull yourself out. To love yourself even when you no longer recognise your reflection. To stop blaming yourself. To not feel guilty for something that is out of your hands. To remember you have to be your own hero. Your own biggest fan. To fill your thoughts with the same wonder and compassion you would direct at others. To stop criticising yourself. To believe that anything is possible. To not compare. To not rush yourself into something. To imagine the hands on the clock have fallen. To imagine that time does not exist. To hug and hold yourself. To love yourself. To believe in yourself. Soothe yourself. To be kind to yourself.

Why are these things so hard to do? Sometimes a habit seems impossible to slow down and stop. I have learnt that being kind to yourself is the most important thing. Don’t let doubts take over. Don’t let your thoughts cast a dark shadow over your entire day. I know these things are easier to say, to imagine and hard to actually do. It is much easier to imagine the worst, to come up and think of the worst scenario and negatives rather than positives. That is just the way we are conditioned. The negative sticks in our minds while the positives leave and fly away. While most people will think the worst as an automatic response, mental illness often makes it a million times worse. It teaches us to hate ourselves. Cruel and vile.

Being kind to yourself can just mean doing one thing you enjoy, just for you every day. Whether that is reading a book, or painting or planting a tree…. ♡

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