Where to seek help

When I first started to feel this way I didn’t know who to speak to. It is important that you seek professional help, do not listen to others. Always go to see your GP first. They usually suggest useful sites and apps to help you (I have written about these in a previous blogpost) they may also prescribe you medication and suggest seeing a therapist.

Some GP’s will refer you to an NHS therapist, usually for this there is a long waiting list but eventually you are given sessions  (max of 6 weeks). This is just initially and then they would put you on a list for counselling. Usually they recommend CBT which is what is offered.

If your GP does not refer you to a therapist then you can self-refer online. This again may take weeks or even months but they will have you on a waiting list. Alternatively, you can find a private therapist in your local area, there are lots of websites you can search and find a therapist near you. They tend to offer no more than an hour session per week as anymore is too emotionally draining. Cost varies but they are usually £50 per hour.

CBT and counselling / talk therapy are very different. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) focuses on your behaviour pattern, you are often give ‘tasks’ to complete during the week whereas counselling you sit and talk about anything and everything. In both types of therapy you are taught a lot about how the brain works and I always find learning more about our mind so interesting. You are given the tools to manage your feelings and thoughts as best as you can.

Therapy helps me so I hope it can help you too. There are lots of mental health groups and apps to speak to others who understand. I know I find it much easier to speak to someone I don’t know about all this than those around me.

Love to you all,

Z x

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