I know how easy it is to panic and fret over the future and future events that are yet to happen. Our minds are conditioned in such a way that we almost naturally tend to gravitate towards ‘worry’. Often one worry leads to another and before you know it you are back to feeling the awful state you were first in.

It is important to take each day as is comes. One day at a time. Life is far too short to worry about tomorrow or yesterday. I know depression and anxiety often makes us feel like we will never feel like we once did and often the question, ‘what is the point?’ comes back to the forefront of our minds. Remember that healing takes time, it is a long and painful journey, just take it one day at a time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by pleasing others or meeting their expectations. Don’t worry about the friend you made plans with and now the day has arrived and you cannot bring yourself to go. Don’t worry that you are letting others down. Don’t feel guilty for it either. Guilt often follows depression and tells you that everything is your fault and you are the only burden in the room. This is not true. It’s important to focus on yourself and while going through such a horrible illness, nobody should be making you feel guilty (even though it is usually ourselves that do this).

What I am learning is that healing looks different for every individual, it is something so personal that you cannot even compare it. Each day is different for you. Some days are okay, maybe even ‘good’ and then there are days that are just awful but remember every day is a new day.

A new day: a new start.

Sending you love,

Zo x

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    • Thank you – I am glad it is helpful to others. That is my aim. Let me know what other content you would like to see and topics you would like me to write about.

    • Hi, thank you
      I had the website made for me by a developer. I chose what I wanted, simple and subtle colours. A logo and then the rollover images. It’s custom built but I can give you the details of the web developer. 🙂

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